The Dovrebanen and the Nordlandsbanen meet here.

The terminal in Trondheim is located at Brattøra. Access to the terminal is from the roundabout on RV 706, and in a culvert under the road. At the terminal building, you are directed to the loading track after providing the reference number (the transport's order number).

The speed limit at the terminal is 30 km/h. Visibility clothing is mandatory.

In Trondheim, trains to/from Dovrebanen and Nordlandsbanen are handled. In addition, Heggstadmoen in Heimdal is served. Some trains run throughout, but have realized or been delayed by carriages in Trondheim. Other trains are fully unloaded and loaded. Heggstadmoen terminal opened 21.08.18.

The terminal has 2 forklifts and 2 reach stackers and performs shifting, brake testing, load control, etc. Wagons are changed in and out as needed, and trainsets are driven to maintenance tracks.